(PatrioticPost.com)- If you’ve ever noticed that Wikipedia smears right-wing authors, activists, and public figures but published positive essays about the left, then you’re not alone. Even the co-founder of the website has admitted that the site is effectively “dead” because of the bias displayed on its digital pages.

Larry Sanger, who co-founded the online encyclopaedia, recently published a blog post explaining how the website has lost the “neutral point of view” it was originally intended to promote and that the policy of remaining neutral is “dead” because of the bias on the website. Sanger specifically referenced the article about President Donald Trump, which is full of negative reporting and semi-truths.

He compared the article about former President Barack Obama, which remains largely clean of any negative aspects of his presidency or scandals he was associated with.

Sanger also warned that Wikipedia has a poor track record on accurately reporting on controversial topics and religion. This was demonstrated when Fox News covered the comments Sanger made in his blog post, when Wikipedia editors completely ignored the bias that Sanger identified in his post and instead attacked Fox News and Sanger for talking about it.

Anyone who is familiar with Wikipedia will understand that all too well…

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