Will You Be Silenced?

Will You Be Silenced?

When I told a friend about the types of actions we do in Villagers for Trump, he asked in a doubtful tone “But does any of that really make any difference?”

Innumerable people have approached me, leaned in, darted their eyes to see if anyone was listening, bladed a hand by their mouth and whispered “I like your Trump hat, but you sure are brave to wear that”, or “I agree with your Trump bumper sticker, but aren’t you afraid someone’s going to pull a gun or something?”

The left has successfully carried out its intentional plot to silence conservatives.  Most conservatives don’t dare say what they believe about hot button issues in mixed company.  Thus the term “silent majority”.  Liberals have shamed and bullied us into political correctness, and successfully changed America’s cultural morals.

“The Bandwagon Effect” is a psychological phenomenon in which people do something primarily because other people are doing it, regardless of their own beliefs, which they may ignore or override.  It is common in politics.  This is exactly what the left has accomplished in America.  The liberal momentum has swept across our culture like a tsunami, influencing millions to go along with its misguided and often irrational worldview.

My answer to those whispered questions is: “You must use your voice.  Not using it is what got us where we are, and what is leading to the destruction of this great country”.

“Silence in the face of evil is itself evil…Not to speak is to speak.  Not to act is to act.”  (Dietrich Bonhoeffer, anti-Nazi pastor; helped Jews to flee Germany; affiliated with a group whose mission was to assassinate Hitler).

Using your voice can be in the form of little actions, a simple bumper sticker; apparel with President Trump’s name or a conservative slogan; participating in sign waving; calling or emailing parties to disagree with their opposition to a conservative policy.  Little things go a long way.

And, we should literally speak our truth.  Always, and respectfully.  Especially to those who oppose our views, whether a friend, family or stranger.  Being timid about or fearful of telling people what you really believe, is costing us this great nation, and will lead to the collapse of our democracy.  A legacy of chaos for our children and grandchildren.

When I told a friend about the above types of actions we do in Villagers for Trump, he asked in a doubtful tone “But does any of that really make any difference?”

“Absolutely” I answered.  Just imagine if a large number of conservatives did these things.  Do you realize the Bandwagon Effect would come into play?  Did you know that people who share your values, when observing you display conservative beliefs, feel a strong sense of security and are emboldened to do the same?

If half the cars on the road have conservative bumper stickers and many people are wearing conservative slogans and speaking up, not only will we influence like-minded people, but a light will come on with the fence-sitters.  Those who hold mixed beliefs will realize that there are far more people with conservative values than they ever imagined.  They begin to agree with the popular view.  This is where influence and momentum take over.

And what an impact our collective actions will have on those on the left.  No doubt they will be less empowered when surrounded by conservatives who have come out of the shadows.  We will have a tremendous impact on society in general.

I like the term “salt of the earth”.  That is how I view the great number of us conservatives out here in society, sprinkled about in all walks of life and in every corner of America.  We must respectfully and calmly speak our views in everyday situations.  You don’t have to get into a confrontation or debate.  Just simply state your view.  No matter what the opposition may snap back at you, you have the option to make your point and simply walk away.   This is us salting, or flavoring the earth.

When you are silenced, you lose everything.  YOUR voice makes a difference.  Whether it’s taking some small action like wearing a slogan or making a phone call, or literally speaking your truth locally to those with opposing views, use your voice.


Naomi Charboneau

Action and Mobilization Committee

Villagers for Trump

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    What a great article. Not only should we “not be silenced” or willfully quiet, but we must become activists to counter the efforts of the left. Activism is how the minority left has become our rulers. NO MORE!!!

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